The Gamerbase Weekly Draw

Every point you score online earns you a free ticket in our crypto-secure prize draw!

Gamerbase has created a new way to compete online. While other online tournaments are only ever won by the most elite players, we wanted everyone to have a fair shot at winning amazing prizes from companies that love to support you, the players. For every point you score online, we award you a ticket in the Gamerbase weekly draw. That means every frag is meaningful. Every point is a small victory. Sure, the best players have the greatest chance of winning the prize. But now everyone else can have a piece of the action!


Gamerbase uses an ethereum smart contract to guarantee a provably-fair lottery. That means you can be sure no draw is ever fixed or tampered with, giving you a genuine shot at every prize. For the tech-heads out there, we provide the links you need to view the raffle in our distributed app and watch as the draw is executed live and automatically on the ethereum blockchain.

Head over to our smart contract page if you want to learn more about the incredible blockchain technology that we built for the Gamerbase website. Creating a fair online lottery was simply not possible before blockchain came along, and we're very excited to share it with you!

The Team

Gamerbase is owned by veteran of the esports and games industry, Sujoy Roy. Bio here?

For business enquiries please contact biz@gamerbase.com

If you have any other questions please use support@gamerbase.com