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Every point you score online earns you a free ticket in our crypto-secure prize draw!

Ends in 11:24:59 Razer Blade Selection

Razer have offered up a selection of their incredible gaming laptops to reward dedicated gamers for their craft. Take a look at the goodies on offer from the exquisite Razer Blade Stealth, to the monstrous performance beast that is the Razer Blade Pro 4K!

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The Gamerbase Draw

Until now, only the most elite players get to experience the thrill of winning first prize. We've switched up the game. Instead of just the player with the highest score winning we created The Gamerbase Draw, where every point earns you a ticket in our grand lottery. The best players have the highest chance of winning, but everyone is in the draw for top prizes. If that's not enough, it's also completely free to join!

Choose Your Base

To enter the draw you must choose your base wisely. First pick the game you will concentrate on this week from the selection on offer, as this will give you the best shot at earning tickets. Then choose your favourite Twitch streamer. The time you spend watching their channel will boost your score. You'll also earn an extra 10 tickets by answering the multiple-choice draw questions correctly about our weekly sponsor so make sure you study up on the prizes. Every ticket counts in the weekly draw, so don't miss out on a single one!

Tell Your Friends

Earn bonus tickets by telling your friends about Gamerbase. For every friend that joins with your affiliate code, you get a month of premium access! Premium members earn tickets at twice the normal rate, doubling your chances of winning our incredible prizes.


Gamerbase uses an ethereum smart contract to guarantee a provably-fair lottery. That means you can be sure no draw is ever fixed or tampered with, giving you a genuine shot at every prize. For the tech-heads out there, we provide the links you need to view the raffle in our distributed app and watch as the draw is executed live and automatically on the ethereum blockchain.

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